Ignite your life through a combination of life coaching and energy healing / reiki to
help you reclaim the life you believe you can no longer have. 

Together, we will address the body pain and limiting beliefs around aging.

Ignite the life within through reiki

Through the use of metaphysical manipulation and ancient practices, we can start to heal the toxic energies blocking you from the positive.

Rise from the ashes reiki sessions

1. Access Consciousness Bars™

2. Alchemist Path and Shamanistic Healing

3. Reiki -Usui The Holy fire Karuna™

Ignite your life 6-week healing regime

A 6-week program aimed towards renewing you or your loved ones passion for life.

Life and reiki energy coaching.

Take flight training sessions

Take your first steps down the path to becoming an energy and life coach.

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Why I do what I do.

My grandparents were a huge part of my life.  They were the source of unconditional love throughout my childhood and most of my adult life.  I feel endlessly fortunate to have had them in my life for so long.

Gran taught me how to tell time and how to make wacky cake.  Grampa was endlessly patient while trying to teach me how to play tennis.  Gran took care of me every summer when I’d get some sort of throat infection from playing too long in the water of Kalamalka Lake.  Grampa would “protect” me from the wasps buzzing around my chicken by squishing them with his fork – in my chicken. Gran inspired my love of the natural world through watching endless nature programs by David Attenborough.  Grampa fully supported my science and medical education at home and abroad.

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Gran died of pneumonia after years of suffering from COPD and emphysema from smoking when I was 20.  She was only 78.  Grampa died of metastatic prostate cancer when I was 35.  His physician decided that cancer was just something you got because you are old.  He had just turned 95.

I wasn’t aware or educated enough to recognize the deterioration of Gran’s mental and emotional state.  I didn’t see the depression.  All I saw was that she was physically aging and less willing or able to do things.  I never put the two together and realized the mind-body connection.  She was always her sweet wonderful self to me.  It was devastating to learn of her long-standing unhappiness, lack of fulfillment, and unrealized dreams.

Grampa was the opposite.  He was always physically and mentally active.  He was always learning new things; including how to use the computer I gave him when he was 85.  He golfed until cancer prevented him from doing so.  He argued with his oncologist when he was told not to weight lift anymore for fear of breaking bones.

They were excellent role models in very different ways.  Gran showed me what happens when you allow yourself to live a life unfulfilled.  Grampa showed me how possible it is to live and live well into the senior years.

I would love every person I know to follow his example.  I would love to help anyone that wants to live well at any age to overcome the mental, emotional, and physical limitations that they feel is preventing them from doing so.

A Word from Keziah

Is this the life you thought you were going to have?  Have you lost direction since retirement?  Have the challenges in your life changed the way you think of yourself and your potential?  Do your body aches and pains prevent you from doing the things you want to do?  Are your days endless?

Would you like to turn back the clock and get back the energy you had 20 years ago? Is there something you used to do that you would like to do again?  Would you like to learn something new?  What would your life be like if you could have something to look forward to every morning?

I use a combination of life coaching and energy healing to help you reclaim the life you think you can no longer have.  Together, we will address the body pain and limiting beliefs around aging.   Let me help you create a mindset of living well and healthy at any age.

Mobility issues?  No problem – I bring everything to you!

I dare you!

I dare you to spend any amount of time with me and not feel empowered and restored. I would go as far to say 2 hours with me will leave you brainwashed into loving yourself.