Hi, I'm Keziah Arsenault.

I had wonderful grandparents for most of my life.  I recognize the value that older generations have to offer to everyone in their lives and to society in general.  I bring a combination of medical knowledge, psychology, life coaching, and energy therapy together to assist seniors in realizing their dreams after retirement.


I’ve always had that gift for knowing exactly what to do.  I always seemed to have more knowledge about situations than I was told.  I learned about “life coaching” a few years ago and realized that I have been life coaching people intuitively for almost 30 years.  I could feel the energy of people, places and things and KNOW how to assist them in moving forward through a difficult period. 


Now is the time to use all my knowledge and gifts to assist those that wish to live the life they desire and deserve.

I’m a lifelong student of human behaviour and understanding why people do what they do before ever formally studying the psychology behind such behaviour.

I spent my 20s studying the biological sciences and psychology.  I moved to Europe in my early 30s to study veterinary medicine with the goal to work on sports horses.  That didn’t quite work out as planned but living abroad is an experience that completely changed me for the better.

Once back in Calgary, I worked for 4 years at one of Calgary’s largest Primary Care Networks.  In this environment, I was able to witness multiple facets of primary healthcare, including senior care and mental health, and speak to medical professionals daily in those areas.

Moving away from veterinary medicine opened me up for the artistic and energetic pursuits I had put off in pursuit of science and veterinary medicine.  I sought the training and knowledge to help explain and perfect what I already knew and to expand and enhance my natural gifts.  I am a Usui Reiki master/teacher, a Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master/teacher, a Shamanic healing practitioner, and Access Consciousness Bars, practitioner.  I specifically chose to study these modalities because they have positive scientific and medical research to back them.

~Keziah Arsenault

My Mission

To renew any given individuals Passion for life.  In a world where so many are just waiting for death to come knocking, I seek to eliminate the toxic and negative energies that cause these feelings.