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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your services exclusive to seniors?

Anyone of any age can benefit from energy therapies, even the family pet.

Are your services exclusively mobile?

While I designed my services for the ultimate convenience of my clients, I am willing to see clients in my home upon request.

How will I feel after one session?

You should feel relaxed yet energized. Your thoughts will be clearer. Often, lasting effects are noticed in the weeks after a session with improved system function.

What can energy do for me physically and emotionally?

Energy work has many medical benefits. Physical benefits include faster healing of wounds and surgery, reduced blood pressure, and reduced physical pain from arthritis. Mental benefits include healing to mental traumas, reduced anxiety, and stress. One of the greatest Reiki healing health benefits is stress reduction and relaxation, which triggers the body’s immune system, aids in better sleep and improves and maintains health.

What does a session involve?

I will come to your home with my portable massage bed and set up where requested. We will ensure that you are physically comfortable and warm. Actual procedures will depend on what healing session is scheduled. Your wellbeing and comfort will be carefully monitored throughout the session.

How does this compliment western medicine?

Western medicine is becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of energy therapy. Hospitals all over the world have adopted energy therapies, such as Reiki, as part of cancer treatment, post-surgical recovery, and to assist in mental health issues like depression. Major medical centres such as John Hopkins and the Mayo Clinic are using Reiki practitioners to improve their patients’ recovery. Nurses are adding Reiki training to their skill set in order to better serve their patients.